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Andromeda Heritage Welcomes You

Enter the magical world of the transcendental British royalty.

Peruse our Royal furniture catalogue

Cribs & cradles, beds, changing tables, wardrobes, desks & vanities, chairs, ottomans & sofas, bookcases & shelves, night tables & side tables, mirrors and other accessories – every piece of furniture comes studded with the royal temperance that you won’t find in another online furniture showroom.

    Our Royal Furniture Categories

    At the Andromeda Heritage website there is a wide selection of categories to choose from if you are looking for the right piece of furniture for your Royal Highness. Whatever you need in his or her bedroom, study room or recreation room, you will find the appropriate category on our website. All the categories are listed below. Click on the right category to see the selection of furniture items contained within it and create a custom kingdom for your Royal Highness.


    Top-notch Craftsmanship

    Exquisite handmade furniture designs for your Royal Highness. These furniture items are a result of superlative workmanship. Each masterpiece takes around three months and six craftsmen based in Great Britain, and only then this Royal English design comes to its full form.

    Exceptional Quality

    To ensure only the best quality for your Royal Highness, Birchwood in Beachwood are sourced from Germany. Both these wood qualities are known for their resistance to humidity and temperature variations. Birchwood and Beachwood can be easily washed, and you can safely place them outdoors if your Royal Highness prefers it that way.

    For furnishing and cushioning, since we know that babies, kids and children will be using our furniture items, we use only organic fabric for mattresses and top covering. Our organic fabric material can last for years and precisely this is the reason why many of our furniture items can evolve with your growing Royal Highness. All our materials are fit for the use of kings, queens, princes and princesses, since they go through strictest quality control procedures and instructions.


    Wide Range of Selection

    Although British royalty is exclusive, and its traits are rare to find anywhere else in the world, when it comes to the choice of furniture items reflecting the British royalty class, at Andromeda Heritage, there is no paucity for them. From the royal chariot inspired from a world-famous fairytale to sparkling wall mounted mirrors to grand beds, table stands and cribs, if there is a furniture desired by your Royal Highness, you will find it on Andromeda Heritage.

    Custom Made

    Just like your Royal Highness is unique, so is every furniture item at Andromeda Heritage. Whenever you place an order for your Royal Highness, the piece of furniture will be custom made. Right from colours to materials to design to embroidery to etching of your baby’s name, every nook and corner of the furniture item will be according the personality and preference of your Royal Highness (or yours if he or she is still a baby).
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