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About Us

We are a premium online furniture retail store based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, mainly focusing on providing high-class furniture items for kids and babies. “British Royalty” is our main emphasis when we are designing and marketing our various furniture items.

What is the driving force behind providing furniture
inspired by British Royalty?

There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire. The British Royalty ruled almost the entire world with its grandeur, imperial power and innovation. So, whenever we think of British Royalty, we think of an extraordinary reign stretched almost over the entire globe, leaving its mark on every culture, on every tradition, and basically, on almost every way of life.

At Andromeda Heritage, we strongly believe that British Royalty signifies high-class taste, extreme comfort, and in terms of providing furniture with a touch of British Royalty, a form of unbridled love and care.

You see, when you want to keep your Royal Highness in the unmatched comfort of British Royalty, you show him or her how much you love him or her. When you order furniture from our website, it is not merely an act of buying furniture, it is an act of showing to what extent you can go to keep your Royal Highness in comfort and elegance.

When we keep our Royal Highness within such an exclusive and polish surrounding from the childhood itself we inculcate a feeling of pride and a sense of prerogative among them. We teach them that only the best will do for them and they should never compromise on quality of life.

Our surroundings make what we are.

We become what we perceive.

After all, our kids are little princes and princesses for us and given a chance, we would like to raise them with maximum care and fondness and make them believe that they live in a very beautiful world. They should believe that nothing should come between them and their happiness.

Where do we source our furniture from?

All our furniture is made of high-quality German wood. We only choose the best material for furnishing and finishing. Craftsmen from Britain sometimes spend months creating the masterpieces you are going to fall in love with.

All our furniture items are hand crafted. Every bed, every dresser, every crib that you order from our website, originates out of our deep love and passion for bringing the spirit of British Royalty into your home.

This is why our entire quality control process is based on our single-mindedness towards giving your prince and princess the best ever lifestyle they can get. They are going to cherish their childhood.

Our philosophy

At Andromeda Heritage we aim at bringing the best the world of furniture has to offer, to your home. We share your unmitigated love and affection for your kids and we want to be a part of the wonderful world that you want to create for your Royal Highness.

British Royalty is our benchmark. Eventually, it is your love for your kids that matters the most.

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