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All-purpose Royal Highness Desk (Small)


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As the name suggests, All-purpose Royal Highness Desk can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it as a standalone table in the middle of the room where your Royal Highness can use it for studying, for placing toys and books, or a photo frame or a lamp. The desk can also be used to place a mirror so that he or she can get ready in front of it while temporarily placing things he or she needs to use on the table.

All-purpose Royal Highness Desk is made of German beech wood and it has gold-colored decorations drawn upon it, drawing inspiration from the inimitable British Royalty. While standing in front of it, while using it, while working in its proximity, your prince or princess will bask in the aura of this beautiful piece of furniture. Once you order it, we source the beech wood from Germany and send it to Great Britain. All our craftsmen live there. They will spend a great amount of time working on every nook and corner of the desk to carve it into perfection before sending it to Malaysia.

What makes All-purpose Royal Highness Desk for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

A great thing about this desk is that it can be used in many ways and your Royal Highness is going to enjoy having it in his or her bedroom or study room. You can even carry it around for special occasions, for example, if you want to play a game of cards in the drawing room, you can simply pick the table and place it there. Even otherwise, your prince or princess will love using the table for studying and reading his or her favorite books.

Dimensions: 1130mm x 565mm x 830mm

Material: German beech wood and MDF

Colour: Ivory and Gold

Duration: Four months

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