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Aristo Comfort Rocking Chair


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Want your little prince or princess feel like an aristocrat sitting on this grand, but small, rocking chair. This is a very comfortable and marvellous looking rocking chair, embellished like straight out of some British Royal palace. Your Royal Highness will look grand and impressive sitting on this chair, slowly moving to and fro, engrossed in his or her favourite book, probably by the fireside, or watching TV, or simply browsing through his or her homework. Sky is the limit when it comes to enjoying activities on such a Royal and beautiful rocking chair.

We fully understand that you will buy this chair for your most precious thing in the world, your Royal Highness. This is why this chair will be made with great care and compassion. We will purchase premium quality beech wood from Germany and then get it shipped to Great Britain where our craftsmen will work their magic in their workshop.

What makes Aristo Comfort Rocking Chair for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

When you want to provide maximum comfort to your Royal Highness, you don’t want to compromise, and this rocking chair exactly represents your feelings for your prince or princess. You want to bring what’s best in the world, and what can compete with British Royalty from which this piece of furniture derives inspiration? It is very lightweight yet very strong material, totally suitable for a small kid.

Dimensions: 490mm x 750mm x 790mm

Material: German beech wood

Colour: Ivory and Cold

Duration: Four months

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