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Crown Headboard Bed


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Crown Headboard Bed is the perfect sleeping place for your little prince or princess. The headboard is inspired from the Royal beds of the British monarchy with its grand carvings and patterns gilded with gold and the cushion made of the finest fabric available. The headboard even has a pearly crown at the center to make your prince feel like a little king and your princess like a little queen.

A bed is a very important part of a person’s life, whether you want to raise your kid as a normal kid living in an average neighborhood, or a child full of pride and ambition, living in a Royal environment. Every day when he or she goes to bed or wakes up on the bed, he or she will feel loved, cared, even respected. When you put this bed in the bedroom of your Royal Highness, you will show appreciation for their presence in your life and you will also communicate that you want to give them the best the world has to offer. The bed is made of German beech wood which is one of the finest furniture woods in the world known for its anti-mildew properties and resistance to water and wear-and-tear. Our highly experienced and artistic craftsman based in Britain will be making your Royal bed once you order it from our website.

What makes Crown Headboard Bed for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

A bed is a long investment, not in terms of money, but in terms of a relationship, a sense of affinity, that a person develops for a bed. Your Royal Highness may spend years sleeping on this bed, or reading books, or studying, or even daydreaming for that matter. In a few months, with regular use, this bed is going to become an integral part of his or her growing up. This is why, when you bring Crown Headboard Bed to your home, you will be initiating a long-term relationship with the aspirations of your child.

Dimensions: 1590mm x 2120mm x 1500mm
Material: German beech wood
Colour: Ivory and Gold
Duration: Four months

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