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Curvy Royalty Dresser


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A very important thing about a dresser is that your Royal Highness will be using it almost on a daily basis. So, it is like interacting with a piece of furniture regularly. Whenever your Royal Highness approaches Curvy Royalty Dresser he or she will stand witness to the magnificent British Royal sense of design and lifestyle. The dresser is made of extremely fine board called German beech wood. Once the boat is purchased from Germany, it is shipped to Great Britain where our highly talented and experienced craftsmen live. These craftsmen will spend months creating the masterpiece that will finally adorn the room of your Royal Highness because nothing less would do.

The design of this dresser is very elegant and spacious. Its curves give it a wavy feeling and your prince or princess will allow having it in his or her bedroom or study room. The surface of the dresser is studded with golden patterns to give it a princely look.

What makes Curvy Royalty Dresser for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

Aside from the fact that this dresser is magnificent to look at and our great dedication to bringing you the essence of British Royalty right inside your home, it is also very durable. The wood can easily stand against humid weather and it is also anti-mildew and hence, whatever your Royal Highness sports a site this dresser will remain safe, even four years.

Dimensions: 940mm x 530mm x 760mm

Material: German beech wood and MDF

Colour: Ivory and Gold

Duration: Four months

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