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Dark Beauty Night Table


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The British class is not just known for its royalty, it is also known for its old-world charm, sophistication and classically restrained expression, and such are the traits that you find in our Dark Beauty Night Table, which is a mix of dark-colored German beech wood and MDF imitated leather. If your Royal Highness prefers a scholarly look in his or her surroundings, something like straight from a Thomas Hardy novel, then he or she is going to love Dark Beauty Night Table.

Our customers buy this night table for its British winter-like feel, sturdiness, simplicity and a touch of royalty without overwhelming its basic characteristic. The proximity to this table immediately transports you to the early 20th century Britain with cozy bedrooms and sitting rooms and literary characters embarking upon fantastical journeys.


What makes Dark Beauty Night Table for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

This table inspires confidence and intellect. It can create a great contrast in brightly coloured surroundings and hence, it will stand out and prompt your prince or your princess to use it daily. You may feel that it has a spartan look but its pearly decoration stands out due to this spartan look. The table is made of German beechwood and from the inside it is padded with imitated leather. As it happens with all furniture items at Andromeda Heritage, Dark Beauty Night Table is made with great dedication and devotion by highly experienced craftsmen in Great Britain. You can place this table anywhere, even outside, without much wear and tear.

Dimensions: 520mm x 400mm x 600mm

Material: German beech wood and MDF Imitated Leather

Colour: Dark blue varnish

Duration: Four months

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