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Ivory Sentinel Night Table


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With a beautifully carved flower in the middle of the chest, this exquisite night table is reminiscent of the inimitable British royalty with its zest for class, and what’s best the world of sophistry has to offer. Every corner of this stable reeks of high-class and a strong desire to view the world in a majestic manner.

Ivory Sentinel Night Table is carved out of German beech wood by highly trained British craftsmen. Every table is a testimony of their artistry and craftsmanship. The table can be used by your Royal Highness to place toys, utensils, small pieces of clothes (temporarily, as you don’t want to clutter) or just as a casual support for quickly writing something down or taking notes. You can also use the table to place a beautiful vase or a photo frame. Wherever you place this stable, it will completely change the aura of that place.

What makes Ivory Sentinel Night Table for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

Aside from the fact that this night table, made of German beechwood, has an exceptional utility value, it can be a perfect gift for your Royal Highness to show how much you care for him or her. Every parent wants his or her kids to feel like princes and princesses, but how many actually make an effort to show them what it actually means to feel like a prince or a princess? This exquisite night table will constantly remind them of the British royalty and through osmosis, inculcate the sense of style and values in them too.

Dimensions: 460mm x 360mm x 650mm

Material: German beech wood

Colour: Ivory and Gold

Duration: Four months


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