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Monarch Butterfly Bed


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The wings of a butterfly are symbolic. There is a reason people are advised to render wings to their imagination. The Monarch butterfly is one of the most majestic butterflies in the world and this is why our artists have mixed the features of the Monarch butterfly with the monarchical heritage of the British royalty and have thus, created this magnificent bed for your Royal Highness.

Made from the finest material – German beech wood and MDF – this is artistry at its finest. Once you place the order, we purchase the materials from Germany and other corners of Europe and then get these materials shipped to Britain where our skilled craftsmen work their magic and create the masterpiece for you. Whenever your prince or princess adorns this bed, this bed will be giving wings to his or her dreams and aspirations.

What makes Monarch Butterfly Bed for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

This bed will provide entertainment unlimited to your Royal Highness. He or she will love to hop onto the bed, spend some quality time, or simply sleep. Give wings to your child’s imagination by letting him or her visualize those wings when he or she goes to sleep and when he or she wakes up. It is the best way of letting your prince or princess visualize his or her success. This is a sturdy bed that your prince or princess is going to use for many years.

Dimensions: 2300mm x 2130mm x 1660mm
Material: German beech wood and MDF
Colour: Light pink varnish
Duration: Four months

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