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Nobility Strings Wall High Netting


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This exquisite netting comes straight out of a fairytale – it is so delicate, beautiful, but at the same time, protective. When your Royal Highness is sleeping or lying in his or her crib, this netting will give him or her the needed protection not just from mosquitoes and other insects, but also from random particles floating in the air. Aside from that, a small kid in a crib feels safer and protected when a thin netting surrounds the crib.

Nobility Strings Wall High Netting can be fitted on the roof, on a hook attached to a wall, or a poll, however it suits you. It is easily washable.

What makes Nobility Strings Wall High Netting for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

After spending nine months in the womb, your little baby gets used to being surrounded by a thin veil. He or she feels protected and safe. The netting is very thin and transparent so, although it gives the baby a feeling of being cradled in a protective shielding, it won’t be claustrophobic. Despite feeling safe, he or she will be able to look around. The netting is very light, so it can be moved around wherever you want to place the crib.

Dimensions: 460mm x 255mm x 90mm

Fabric: CEDA-15A

Material: MDF

Colour: Light pink and white

Duration: Four months



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