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Pearly Pink Petite Table


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Your Royal Highness is going to love this pink beauty. Pearly Pink Petite Table is a very sturdy night table that can be placed by the side of your prince’s or princess’s bed for the purpose of placing a lampshade, a clock, and even a couple of books.

The table is embellished with lustrous pearls and sparkly drawer knobs that kids find very fascinating. The table has solid drawers that can be used to store all sorts of stuff including clothing, books and notebooks, toys, small electronics, or for that matter, anything that catches the fancy of your Royal Highness.

Simple and elegant, this stunning table is a result of years of craftsmanship by the British craftsmen who have been making furniture fit for Royalty, for decades. Beech wood is used for the structure and pink goose flannel is used for extra embellishments and additions.

What makes Pearly Pink Petite Table for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

Pearly Pink Petite Table is one of the sturdiest and the most classy-looking tables at Andromeda Heritage. Its pearly pink countenance captivates you the moment you have a look at it. This table is suitable for both your prince or princess. With a stable base, it is safe for putting anything on top.

Dimensions: 520mm x 400mm x 600mm

Material: German beech wood and MDF

Fabric: Pink Goose Flannel

Colour: Light pink varnish

Duration: Four months

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