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Pink Beauty Wall Mirror


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This mirror looks like a pink star. Or maybe a flower. The whole point is, it is going to look very pretty, wherever you put it. You can nail it to the wall, or you can place it on the changing table. The mirror is of ample size. It is a completely safe mirror for your little prince or princess because it is padded from all the sides. Though, breakable, and hence, situations where a kid might drop the mirror on the ground, must be avoided, but the danger has been minimized due to its padded frame.

The mirror will be designed, shaped and accessorized in our workshop in Great Britain where our generations of craftsmen have been creating mirrors, furniture items and other accessories for the British royalty for centuries. The same British royalty quality will be reflected through Pink Beauty Wall Mirror.

What makes Pink Beauty Wall Mirror for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

There are many reasons why Pink Beauty Wall Mirror can be an ideal addition to the bedroom or private room of your Royal Highness. First of all, every room needs a mirror so that your prince and princess can look at his or her reflection and make sure that he or she looks top-notch. Second, it is a completely safe mirror for kids, as it is padded with soft fabric from all the sides. It is an ample-sized mirror that is going to last your family for a long time, even when your little prince or princess has grown into a young adult.

Dimensions: 790mm x 50mm x 790mm

Fabric: CEDA-15A

Material: MDF

Colour: Light pink varnish

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