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Polka Dreams Crib


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Your little Royal Highness will feel as safe and secure in Polka Dreams Crib as a baby feels in the womb of its mother. The crib is protected from all sides. As the baby peacefully sleeps inside the comfortable crib, it remains undisturbed from surrounding visuals, movements and to an extent, even sounds.

Polka Dreams Crib has a canopy that provides shade to your little Royal Highness if you place the crib outside and you don’t want the bright sunshine to disturb the baby. This made-to-order crib for your prince or princess is made by British craftsmen who have toiled for years to acquire their craftsmanship to perfection. High-quality German beech wood and the ELENA-25F fabric is used to make this Royal crib especially for your prince or princess.

What makes Polka Dreams Crib for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

First of all, its striking design makes it irresistible. The moment you see it you immediately want it for your little prince or princess.

Protected from all sides, your baby will feel totally safe and secure lying or sleeping in this purple crib. Its strategically placed hood makes it ideal for outdoors or brightly lit rooms.

Dimensions: 1420mm x 780mm x 1540mm
Material: German beech wood
Fabric: ELENA-25F
Colour: Purple varnish
Duration: Four months

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