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Royal Century Convertible Crib


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This “one of its kind” crib can be easily converted into a small bed for your Royal Highness as he or she gradually grows. Andromeda Heritage is the only brand that brings this marvellously exotic but customisable and contemporary crib to you.

As your prince or princess grows, one by one you can remove different parts of the crib to make more space for your child, saving you money in the long run.

Royal Century Convertible Crib is your ultimate expression of love, care and affection for your baby and toddler Royal Highness, and even when he or she grows up a bit more. Designed for extreme comfort for the baby and a sense of classic Royalty for you, this crib can enrich the early years of your child. The crib is designed with extreme consecration and adherence to the classical British Royalty to quench your prodigious desire to give your Royal Highness as luxurious a lifestyle as possible, so that he or she grows up feeling wanted and cherished.

What makes Royal Century Convertible Crib for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

One of the best reasons of buying this crib is of course, its magnificent look and its affinity to the British Royalty in terms of design and finishing. The crib is made of German beech wood by the best craftsmen based in Great Britain. This is an easily convertible crib. You can use it in three ways:

  1. Use all parts of the crib
  2. Remove the side boards for making the bed of the crib accessible from both sides to a child
  3. Remove the foot board to convert it into a bed

Dimension: 1580mm x 815mm x 1390mm
Material: German beech wood
Fabric: KD1520-1
Colour: Burlywood and Gold
Duration: Four months

Additional information

Baby Cot, High Footboard, Bed

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