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Royal Collapsible Side Bed


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Contemporary tendency for convenience is merged into Royal panaché in this Royal Collapsible Side Bed. The collapsible sides of the bed make it easier to put the baby inside the bed, or take care of the baby conveniently. The collapsible bed for your little Royal Highness is made of German beech wood meticulously carved out by British craftsmen who have been making such masterpieces for many years. Every sound of a hammer, every move of the chisel and every maneuvering of the saw, is a testimony of their dedication to embody the best the British royal culture has to offer.

The headset of the bed is cushioned with luxurious fabric that will keep your little Royal Highness totally safe and comfortable.

What makes Royal Collapsible Side Bed for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

The convenience of use, first of all. This bed is very majestic looking and also very convenient. You can unhinge one of the sides of the bed for easy accessibility. You can nurture your Royal Highness, entertain him or her and properly take care of him by collapsing the side, and when you are done, you can put it back, making your prince or princess totally secure from all sides.

Dimensions: 1515mm x 950mm x 1300mm
Fabric: MAGA-07A
Material: German beech wood and MDF
Colour: Light blue and Gold
Duration: Four months

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