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Royal Emblems Side Table


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Royal Emblems Side Table comes with a sturdy look with two drawers placed vertically. As the name suggests, it has Royal gilded emblems etched upon its surface and whenever your Royal Highness will come in its proximity, he or she is bound to feel a sense of unfettered royalty. Royal Emblems Side Table is made of German beech wood. After sourcing the beech wood, it is sent to Great Britain where highly experienced craftsmen bring shape to this magnificent piece of art that is going to adorn your indoors.

The table is designed for regular use. Your Royal Highness can place his or her small clothes, toys or books inside the drawers. The smooth top can be used to place books and even to study or take notes. Once the table has become a part of your household, your prince or princess can also place his or her royal possessions on the top of the table.

What makes Royal Emblems Side Table for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

Although every piece of furniture is an important part of your household, a table always occupies a prominent role because it usually becomes a hub of many activities. Your Royal Highness can place his or her possessions in the drawers or on the top of the table. The table can be used to place a vase, a photo frame, an aquarium or any other showpiece. It can be placed by the side of the bed for a night lamp and a book, or a diary. Your Royal Highness can also place confidential things like his or her personal diary, make-up and grooming paraphernalia or music players in the drawers.

The design of the table is inspired from the British Royalty high standards. Merely the fact that the table is placed within the view of your Royal Highness will inculcate in him or her a sense of high values and an unmitigated desire to value himself or herself. If you want to nurture high self-esteem among your Royal Highness, you would certainly like to bring Royal Emblems Side Table to your home.

Dimensions: 540mm x 400mm x 600mm
Material: German beech wood
Colour: Ivory and Gold
Duration: Four months

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