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Royal Scholar Bookcase


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A bookcase isn’t just a place to store your books, it is a repository of knowledge and wisdom. As your Royal Highness grows up, he or she will be acquiring new books or he or she will be gifted new books by you and others. Your prince or princess would like to prominently display these books and also put them at a convenient place where they can immediately take them out if they want to read (or to be read) their favourite story.

Royal Scholar Bookcase is especially designed to cater to your Royal tastes. Inspired from British Royalty, this beautifully designed bookcase will adorn any corner at your home, especially the bedroom or study room of your Royal Highness. The bookcase is made up of German beech wood that is acquired from Germany and shipped to Great Britain where our craftsmen toil for months to produce the end result.

What makes Royal Scholar Bookcase for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

Royal Scholar Bookcase has a very endearing design and it is perfect to store children’s books inside its flawless cabinets. The books can be stacked anyway your Royal Highness feels like. Whether your prince or princess wants to use this bookcase to showcase his or her prized possessions or simply wants to put his or her school books for easy access and referencing, this is the perfect bookcase. It is very sturdy and very stable, and it is specifically made for small kids. Even the roof of the bookcase can be used to arrange toys or extra books.

Dimensions: 800mm x 350mm x 1270mm

Material: German beech wood and MDF

Colour: Ivory and Gold

Duration: Four months

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