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Sinewy Royal Sofa


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This sweet-looking sofa will keep your Royal Highness comfortably ensconced within its confines and also provide all the needed support for the back as well as the arm. When the British Royalty luxuriates, it luxuriates upon a sofa like this. This is a reclining sofa designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Your Royal Highness can lie upon it or rest amidst its comfortable interiors. It is an ideal piece of furniture for reading books, having casual conversations, relaxing, watching TV and even reading schoolbooks.

The sofa is made of premium quality material which is very soft to touch and long lasting.

What makes Sinewy Royal Sofa for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

The sofa is for maximum luxury and comfort. You will be purchasing it to make your Royal Highness feel that his or her comfort is of utmost importance for you. It is a lightweight sofa that can be easily moved from one place to another. You can place anywhere your Royal Highness feels like.

Dimensions: 700mm x 670mm x 670mm

Material: MDF

Colour: Light pink varnish

Duration: Four months

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