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The Royal Chariot


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There is a reason this bed is called “The Royal Chariot”: it embodies the entire ethereal essence of the British royalty right from the material to the design and the exotic finishing that takes the beholder to the brink of Fantasia.

We totally understand that you want your royal princess to sleep just as the fairies do, ensconced within the most luxurious bed carved out of the finest wood studded with the softest and the most comfortable material within which she can traverse through her fairy dreamland every night.

“The Royal Chariot” is made of German beech wood which is known for its durability and close-grain hardwood. Once installed in your royal princess’s bedroom it will splendidly gel into your grandiloquent interiors.

It takes 6 craftsmen of exceptional dexterity 3 months to contrive this masterpiece into its exotic perfection. To give you a real feel of the British royalty, elite designers from England have designed this princely bed.

What makes The Royal Chariot for your Royal Highness an ideal addition to your home?

Every curve, every corner, every piece of the bed is crafted with extreme care and dedication to eminence. The detailing and the craftsmanship is so mesmerizing that the moment you lay your eyes on “The Royal Chariot”, you will not want your royal princess to sleep in another bed even for a single night.

It comes in two imperial colours: Ivy plus Gold. Its size in millimeters is 3000 x 2300 x 2550. It weighs around 274.30 KG.

“The Royal Chariot” is exclusively showcased by Andromeda Heritage and it is near to impossible that you can find the same bed somewhere else.

Dimensions: 3000mm x 2300mm x 2550
Inside diameter (inside space): Around 1700mm – 1800mm
Fabric: 1158-white, BSNL77127-31, MALISA-01C, ZEUS-90A
Material: German beechwood and MDF
Colour: Ivory and Gold
Duration: Four months

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